Idle Theme Park APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Theme Park Apk V4.0.1 (Unlimited Money
App Name Idle Theme Park APK
Publisher Codigames
Genre Simulation
Size 136M
Latest Version v4.0.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update January 04, 2024

There are various amusement parks in the world but we always find something missing in the parks that we visit. If you have any creative idea in your mind then you can implement it in the game Idle Theme Park. In this game, you can play the role of the owner of a theme park and you can add various rides and areas to your theme park to make it attractive to people. You can add stalls to your theme park and can also unlock new areas like the water park so that people can enjoy various things in one park.

You can also fix a ticket booth from where the audience will collect the tickets and you can also install food stalls for the people. There are various online missions and quests that will help you to get rewards.

Idle Theme Park MOD APK

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Idle theme park is a game in which you will play the role of a Tycoon. You have the right to develop your theme park however you like. You can introduce new rides to your park and you can also unlock different types of parks like Aqua Park etc to provide more amusement to the audience. You can also install a ticket booth from where people can collect tickets.

Features of Idle Theme Park APK

Develop your Theme Park

In Idle theme park APK, you will be able to develop your own theme park. You can add as many rides as you want and you can also add different stalls and areas in your part to make it full of enjoyment.

Add New Rides

There are a lot of different rides available in this game that can be added to your theme park. It will help you to increase the revenue of your parks. You can add roller coasters and the zigzag slides to your theme park as well.

Unlock New Areas

There are a lot of other areas in this theme park that you can unlock, for example you can unlock the watermark and add the water slides and different things to it to make it enjoyable for the audience.

Get security guards

To provide a better environment to the audience, you can hire security guards that will look for any mishap. You can also get life Guards that will help the people in the Aqua park and different rides.

Idle Theme Park MOD APK

Install Food Stalls

A theme park is incomplete without the food stalls because people also like to eat while enjoying different rides. For this purpose, you can install food stalls at different locations in your theme parks so that people can easily get snacks.

Upgrade your Park

You will also be able to upgrade your park with the help of money. In this way, you can expand the area of the park and include new slides and rides to your park.

Complete Daily Missions

This game contains a lot of daily missions that will help you to unlock new areas of your park. You can also unlock new rides by completing these missions.

Save Your progress

If you want to save your progress in this game then you can connect it with your Facebook account. You can also invite your Facebook friends to this game in this way.

Unlimited Money

If You want to get unlimited money in the Idle theme park then you can download the premium version. In this way, you can buy as many rides as you want.

Unlocked Areas

You will also be able to get an unlocked version of this game by downloading Idle Theme Park Premium apk as all the areas are unlocked in this version.

Idle Theme Park MOD APK

Why do people like Idle Theme Park Premium APK?

People like Idle Theme Park Premium apk because in this version, there are no restrictions as all the different parts are unlocked and they will also be able to receive unlimited money that will help them to buy new rides and stalls for their park.

Download Idle Theme Park Premium APK Latest Version 2023

The premium version of Idle Theme park provides the users with a lot of advantages as there are no restrictions in this version and the user will also get unlimited money. But you have to pay the premium subscription charges to get this version.

Idle Theme Park APK 2023 Download

If you want to get an updated version of this game then you should download Idle Theme Park APK 2023.

Idle Theme Park MOD APK

Final Verdict

Idle theme park is a game in which you can develop your own Park however you like. You can add as many rides as you want and you can even modify the Aqua park. But in order to get unlimited money, you can download its premium version.


Q. How do you get new rides in Idle Theme Park APK?

You have to complete the missions to get new rides in this game.

Q. Can I play Idle Theme Park APK without the internet connection?

Yes, you can play Idle Theme Park without the internet connection.

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