Life After MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Life After MOD Apk V1.0.331 Unlimited Everything
App Name Life After MOD APK
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre Survival
Size 3.92 GB
Latest Version v1.0.331
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update November 27, 2023

There are a a lot of survival games available in the market and the much loved survival games are those that contain the Zombies. There are so many zombies movies available in the market that it has now become the faith of people that soon after sometime an Apocalypse will occur in the world and that's why people like to play these games so that they can get used to the life of the apocalypse.

Well all the different games that are based on such concepts contain the shooting experience which we all know is not possible in realistic Zombie apocalypse if you want to enjoy real apocalypse then you can go for the LifeAfter game. It has an exceptional plot and you need to create different camps for this survivors so that anyone who have survived the attacks can come and take shelter. You can also develop your camp and make them a building to provide more security to the people living there. You can also make food in this game and fulfill the basic needs of survivors.

LifeAfter Mod Apk

What is the LifeAfter game?

It is a game that will take you to the real world of the apocalypse. This game will teach you about life after the Zombie apocalypse because in this game you need to do all the different things that should be taken care of in the real apocalyptic world. You need to build a base for the survivors and provide them with the resources. There is also a cooking option in this game that you can use to cook food for the survivors and the Zombies are not the only Rivals that you will face but the other survivors will also attack you to snatch the resources from you.

What is the LifeAfter MOD APK?

In the regular version you will have to do a lot of effort to look for the resources available in the different places and it is not very easy to recognise who is against you and who is with you. In this way the game becomes very difficult. To play an easy version of this game you can download Life After Mod APK as this version will provide you with some leverages to ease your gameplay.

How to make food in LifeAfter game?

To make food in the Life After game you will need to go to the settings and click on the cooking devices. Then you need to take the stove, after doing this you will be provided with the food items. You can take meat and other items, you can choose any item and then you will be provided with the recipes, choose any recipe and start cooking the food for the survivors.

How can I place items in the LifeAfter game?

In the life after the game you will need to place the items to build your home. You can collect different objects in this gameplay and click on the bag menu to place it on the ground. You need to select the ground option and then place all your equipment in the blue zone. After that you need to look for some other objects and then you will be able to build a home.

LifeAfter Mod Apk

Features of the LifeAfter Game

Survive Zombies

There are so many zombies scattered in the world and you need to survive in this post apocalyptic world.

Build the base

You need to build the base for the survivors so that they can live there peacefully without any invasion of the Zombies.

Upgrade the base

Don't forget to upgrade the base as you receive money because the Zombies will gradually become powerful and can easily enter the weak base.

Cook food

You can also cook food in this game and provide the survivors with their basic necessities.

Train the Survivors

You need to train the survivors as well so that they can fight with the Zombies on their own.

LifeAfter Mod Apk

Features of the LifeAfter MOD APK

God Mode

In the God mode you will become invulnerable.

Unlimited Resources

The modified version of life after provides the user with unlimited resources.

Amazing Unlocked weapons

All the weapons in this hacked version Will Be unlocked.

LifeAfter Mod Apk


Life after is a game in which you can do all the things that you usually do in your life. But all this should be done inside the base so that the Zombies cannot attack you. But to find the resources you need to go out and fight the Battles. To remain invulnerable in this game you can go for the modified version of lifeafter.


Q. How to get eggs in LifeAfter game?

You need to breed the chickens in order to get eggs in life after the game.

Q. Can I play LifeAfter with friends?

Yes, you can make alliances with your friends in this survival game.

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