Magic Rampage Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Magic Rampage Mod Apk 5.6.1 Download Latest Version
App Name Magic Rampage Mod Apk
Publisher Asantee
Genre RPG
Size 131.45 MB
Latest Version v5.6.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update August 23, 2022

Magic rampage is the best thing for people who enjoy solving mysteries, destroying evil powers, and unveiling the magic world. It is the ultimate adventurous ride, with many interesting stories at each stage. This game combines role-playing elements with fast-paced gameplay. This game offers a unique feature of user character customization from the start, so the user can relate to it. By destroying evil creatures like zombies, solving hardships like dungeons, and living through the world of magic, this game provides the ultimate pleasure of being a superhero.

In addition to these features, this game offers an online platform for multiple gamers to play at the same time and compete against one another. This feature builds on the cognitive and intellectual skills of the user. Magic Rampage is a world of mysteries and many interesting stories at each stage, which will increase your curiosity and keep you fully involved in the game. It is a very interesting game with lots of exciting levels. At each level, there is new hardship is waiting for you. And I am hoping that you can defeat all these hardships peacefully.

Magic Rampage Mod Apk

What is magic rampage apk?

if you are searching for role-playing games, then you are on a best platform. This platform will provide you with the best role-playing games. Here we designed an app for you, magic rampage. This app is all about fighting and killing your enemies. You have to clear your path by killing zombies, evil creatures and more. “Zombies” doesn’t mean that it will look like a real zombie. They are all amusing creators, and you will really enjoy it.

What is magic rampage mod apk?

The action-packed video game that is Magic Rampage features a tone of different fights, terrifying stages, and even more. It is not only accessible in its standard form, but also in its altered form, which can be accessed. The improved version of it will make the game you're playing more exciting and fascinating. This version will give you unlimited features. it will be fun for you to kill your enemies in the form of ghosts, zombies and more. Download this exciting app and enjoy this horrifying and amusing game.

Can I customise my character in Magic rampage?

Yep! You can customise your character in Magic rampage.

Is the internet necessary for a magic rampage?

Nope! Internet is no necessary for a magic rampage. You can also enjoy it offline.

Can I get a reward for killing enemies in a magic rampage?

Yes, you can get a reward for killing enemies in a magic rampage.

Magic Rampage Mod Apk


Play offline

This application gives you the option to play games without an active internet connection, so if you are feeling bored but do not have access to the internet, you do not need to worry. The main and the best feature of a Magic rampage is that you do not need internet access. You can easily enjoy this interesting app without internet service. Battles can be played and enjoyed at any time and from any location.

Unique characters

This application will keep you entertained with a cast of distinct and original characters. There are numerous archetypes of characters from which you can select one that best suits you. Characters can fall into a variety of categories, including brawlers, thieves, wizards, and others. You can choose your character just by tapping on it. It will all be entertaining for you, and it will make the game more interesting.


The Events section of this app is definitely one of its selling points. There are a tone of different challenges and events that you can participate in, which adds a lot of excitement to the game. You are able to take part in those events, and in exchange, you will receive rewards. Your rank and point total will both improve as a result of this. These are the weekly events that they give you every week, and you have to complete all of them.


This application was designed specifically for people who have a passion for exciting and novel experiences. It is packed with thrilling experiences and exciting opportunities. You will be able to take pleasure in its terrifying levels, combat in the dark jungle, eliminating zombies, frightening characters, and a great number of other things. It has lots of exciting things to do. You will kill your enemy in different locations and with different weapons.

Play with friends

Using this app, you will have the ability to compete against your friends in various games. On mobile apps, this feature is only occasionally accessible. We all know that spending time with friends makes everything more enjoyable and funnier. That way, you and your friend can have fun whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want. By using this incredible application, you will be able to communicate with one another.

Magic Rampage Mod Apk

Mod Features

Unlimited money

You will have access to an unlimited number of features with the modified version of Magic Rampage. In this version, you have access to an infinite supply of money. You don't have to go out and buy it or borrow it from someone else; you can easily get your hands on your own money without having to make any payments, and you can easily buy more weapons, unlocked different levels, unlock unique characters and more.

Ad-free and free of charge.

The absence of advertisements, which would otherwise interrupt your experience, is one of the advantages of using altered form. There are no breaks in play in between each of your battles, the overall experience will become more interesting. You will quickly develop a dependency on this incredible game due to its fascinating features. The best part is that there is no cost associated with it. Install this version, and then take pleasure in it.

Unlocked levels

Magic Rampage features a large number of levels, but only a select few are available in the standard edition. They locked them up and then demanded payment in order to unlock the doors. Nevertheless, this issue has been resolved. The altered form will grant you access to all of those previously locked levels without requiring you to pay any money. You will most certainly take pleasure in this variant.

Magic Rampage Mod Apk


The game with the most excitement and risk is called Magic Rampage. It has a creepy atmosphere and a lot of sinister elements, just like a horror movie. It comes equipped with a variety of deadly weapons to use against your foes. The zombies, bats, and other creatures make up the enemy. However, you shouldn't let that scare you because none of them are actually real and are just characters. This app rocks. Download magic rampage to live adventurously.


Q. Where can I find the download for this modified version of magic rampage?

You can easily download this modified version from our website.

Q. Can children also play this version?

Yes, it is a fully secure version that everyone can play.

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