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Update October 11, 2022


Gambling is a thing that has been banned in so many different places of the world and the people who were addicted to it are now finding some other ways to do the gambling. Well the gambling that is done on the casinos and at different platforms is very harmful because it might cost you so much money but if you go to the online platforms for gamblings then you can take it as a healthy gambling because the online gambling apps allow you to deposit only a limited amount of money and you cannot exceed the betting limit that's why it is a healthy way.

One of the most used gambling apps is Mega888. In this game there are different casino games including video poker, table games and Blackjack. These are the games that you can enjoy on the Mega 888 game and you can also join the VIP clubs to get some extra privileges. You can either register on this app with the help of your mobile number and can even use your email ID.

Mega888 APK

What is the Mega888 game?

Mega 888 is one of the safest Casino games because in this app there are so many safety rules that protect you from spending too much. There is a betting limit available on this app and you cannot exceed that limit which means that you cannot have a loss more than a particular amount. You can also get to play some amazing Casino games on this app.

What is the Mega888 MOD APK?

Mega 888 has an amazing interface but as this app is not available in the Google Play Store it will be difficult to get the latest version of it. If you want to get the latest version and update your game as well then you can download Mega 888 Mod APK. By downloading this hacked version you can get the regular updates and get the latest version of this app.

How do you play the Mega888 game?

Mega 888 is a gambling game and that's why you need to buy the credits in this game. You can deposit your money in your Mega888 account and after that you can invest in different games that are available on this app. The minimum deposit limit on this app is $50 and the maximum deposit limit is $10000. You can also get a bonus if you are a new player on this app and it can be used in the first week of using this app. You can also get the bonus if you return to this app after sometime by getting the deposits. You can play games including video poker, table games and so many others.

How do you become a member of Mega888?

There are two different ways to become a member of this game. First is that you can register with the help of your mobile number and after that you will receive a verification code on it. You need to put in that verification code on the app to verify that it's your number. Another way to use this app is with the help of your email address. If you want to hide your identity then it is the best method to become a member of Mega 888 and in this way you will receive a confirmation code on your email and you need to put in on the app.

Mega888 APK

Features of the Mega888 game

Betting Limits

In the macar88 game there is a batting limit and the minimum limit is $50 and the maximum limit is $10,000.

Amazing Casino games

This is the app that contains all the different Casino games whether it is Fish Games, poker games or any other games.

Verify your credentials

To register on this app you first need to verify your credentials.

Deposit money

To play the different games on this app you first need to deposit money into your account.

Safe Gambling

It is a safe gambling app and it protects you from the fraudsters.

Features of the Mega 888 MOD APK

Latest Version

By downloading Mega 888 Mod APK you can have its latest version.

Updates Available

This modified version will also provide you with latest updates.

 No interruptions

You will face no advertisement or interruptions in this modified version.


For those of you who love to gamble but want to play it in a safe way Mega 888 is the best app. It allows you to set a betting limit so that you can make sure that you cannot have a loss more than it. To get the latest updates of this app you can download Mega 888 Mod APK from our website.


Q. What is the size of the Mega888 game?

The size of the Mega 888 is 50 MB .

Q. Is Mega888 available on the Google Play Store?

Yes, Mega 888 is available on the Google Play Store.


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