Monster Master Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Monster Master Mod Apk V13.2.8564 Unlimited Everything 2022
App Name Monster Master Mod Apk
Publisher LanParty Games
Genre Strategy
Size 149 MB
Latest Version v13.2.8564
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update June 22, 2022

We have grown up watching different animal shows in which there is a master who controls the animals and commands them to perform certain task and the animals obey him, just like we see in the Pokemon cartoon, Ash use to command the pokemons to attack and to dodge whenever it was needed in that cartoon the pokemons used to fight with other pokemons by the instructions of their trainer.

Trainer Is responsible for the upbringing and attacking abilities of the animal they have been taking care of, but not everyone is able to get the Real Experience of becoming a trainer. But if you want to experience it then you can play a game named Monster master.
This game was developed by lan party games. This is an action game.

This game is based on the concept of Pokemon cartoons, like you will have to catch some cute little Monsters and train them to attack and Dodge at the right timing. The strength of the monster depends on your training. In this game you can unlock many different Monsters and train them to fight with other Monsters and win the battle. You can also play this game with your friends and compete with them to show them your training skills. If you are attracted by the gameplay of this game, then you can get to know more about this app by reading this article.

Monster Master Mod APK

What is Monster Master?

Monster Master is a game which was developed by Lanparty games. This game is based on the concept of Pokemon cartoons. In this game, your task is to collect cute little monsters and train them to fight the battle with other Monsters. For the battle, you can choose any of your collected monsters to fight with the opponent. All these monsters have special abilities that make them different from each other.

What is Monster Master MOD APK?

The standard version of Monster master has been modified to provide the users with a more convenient gameplay. This modified version is known as Monster master Mod APK. In this version the user will get unlimited coins which he can use to collect and unlock different Monsters and there will also be many unlocked Monsters in this version of Monster master.

How can I use the collected gems?

You can collect Gems on a daily basis in the monster master game. You will see battle boxes in your app which will come after every 2 hours by opening these battle boxes you will get gems. You can use these gems to collect different animals and unlock different higher Monsters and buy costumes for your characters. You can also open the battle boxes before 2 hours and get rewards from it again, you can also customise your Monsters with the help of these gems.

How Volcub can be evolved?

It Is a starter monster which will be available to you in a mini state. It is the part of the Fire attributes. It's evolved form is known as Gravulcan. The Volcub can be evolved into Gravulcan after the 5th level and you will have to spend 300 gems for its upgradation. You can also change the colour of the Volcub by spending five Rainbow stones.

Monster Master Mod APK

Features of the Monster Master

A huge variety of Monsters

There is a wide variety of Monsters available in the monster master game. There are Monsters of every level from the highest to the lowest. These monsters can be ranked according to their energy level. All the Monsters are different from each other because of their different abilities to fight the opponent. All the monsters can be trained to dodge The Attacks Of The opponent and fight accordingly.

Collect as many monsters as you can

In this game, there is no limit on how many Monsters you can collect. You can collect Monsters of every level and train them. The more bigger the collection, the more capable you will be of winning the Battles. Use your statistical analysis to analyse which Monster would best fight with the opponent. You can also collect the Monsters which you defeat, which means that if you defeat a monster of the opponent then this Monster will become a part of your collection.

Upgrade the creatures

You can upgrade and evolve your monsters in the monster monster game. To upgrade your monster you will need gems. You can also customise your cute little creatures by purchasing different costumes for them from the store available in the game. You can also add many attributes to their personality by purchasing different powers for your monster.

Play with your friends

Monster Masters is a game which you can play with your friends in the multiplayer mode. In this mode you will need a secure internet connection and you will be able to compete with your friends and fight battles with them. You can even defeat the Monsters of your friends and include them in your collection and you can also learn some new tricks from your friends. In case of battles always start with the least strongest creature so that at the end you will be left with the strongest one.


While playing the battles with your friends, you will see gift boxes. By clicking on these boxes, you will receive many rewards. Like you can increase the power of your monster and can also upgrade them to increase their powers. You can also use one Monster multiple times in a battle; these boxes will also reward you with gems which can be used on different occasions in the game.

Monster Master Mod APK

Features of the Monster Master Mod APK

Unlimited Gems

In the monster master Mod APK the user will be able to use unlimited gems for various purposes. For example, you can buy different costumes for your character, upgrade your characters, increase their life and can also assign powers to them to make them stronger. In the standard version, it will take a lot of time to collect the gems. So in the modified version we have provided you with unlimited Gems.

Unlocked Gameplay

In the monster master Mod APK, you will enjoy an unlocked Gameplay. In the standard version of the monster master game, not all the Monsters are available for you to collect. Most of them are locked and to unlock them you will need gems
But in this version all the Monsters are unlocked and you can collect Whichever monster you want.

Monster Master Mod APK


Become a master and use all your trainers skills to Train Your little creatures. Help them to dodge The Attacks and fight with different tactics to defeat the opponent. You can download Monster master Mod APK from our website to enjoy unlimited money and unlocked gameplay. It's addictive gameplay will never let you get bored.


Q. Does Monsters Master require an internet connection?

Yes, you will need an Internet connection to play the Monsters master game as it contains a multiplayer mode which cannot be played without the internet connection.

Q. Which is the strongest Monster in the Monster Master game?

Market is considered to be the strongest Monster because it has the capability to defeat most of the Monsters.

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