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Mudrunner Mod Apk V1.4.3.8692 + Obb Download
App Name Mudrunner Mod Apk
Publisher Focus Entertainment
Genre Simulation
Size 472.90MB
Latest Version v1.4.3.8692
MOD Info Unlocked DLC
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Update July 21, 2022

Racing simulation games have been topping the charts of the favourite simulation games of the Gamers. Most of the people have the love for driving different vehicles in different areas to get the most of the vehicles. But as a worker, driving is a very responsible job to do in which you will have to take care of the goods or the passengers that you are carrying in your vehicle. Many racing simulation games have been introduced in the market but there is one game that has many amazing features.

This game is named as the Murdrunner. It is a racing simulation game and was developed by focus home interactive. In this game you will have to play as a driver. Your main task is to carry goods in the vehicle to different places. In this game, you will face many difficulties in your path as you have opted for off road driving.  You will have to cross many mountains, swamps and terrible roads to reach your destination and be careful that you do not damage the goods during your journey. There are many different vehicles available in the game which you can drive.

If you are a fan of such driving simulation games then you can get to know more about its features by reading this article.

Mudrunner MOD APK

What is Mudrunner APK?

Mudrunner Is a racing simulation game in which you will play the role of a driver who has to carry goods in its vehicles to different locations. But this game is not as easy as it seems because you will have to face many difficulties in your path as you will have to cross Swamps, mountains and terrible roads during your journey and also take care of the goods that are in your vehicle. You can unlock many different vehicles during your gameplay and have a chance to drive them.

What is Mudrunner MOD APK?

Mudrunner MOD APK is the modified version of the mudRunner game. The standard version of mud runner has been specially modified to provide the players with an unlocked gameplay in which you will not have to face any interruptions. In this version all the features of the mud Runner game are unlocked and there will be no pop up ads to disturb you.

Do I Need to Sign in to Play Mudrunner?

The Mudrunner game itself does not require you to sign in in order to play it. But it depends on the platform on which you want to play the game. for example, if you want to play it on PS4, Xbox or personal computer then you will need an account for Microsoft steam or Sony and you will have to sign into these platforms. However, the game itself can be played offline.

How to Unlock a Hummer in Mudrunner?

In the MudRunner game, there are some requirements which you will have to complete in order to unlock the Hummer. To unlock the Hummer, you will first have to complete two maps. After it you will be able to unlock the Hummer. Once you unlock the Hummer, you will be able to choose it for any map on which you want to drive.

Mudrunner MOD APK

Features of the MudRunner APK

Drive Carefully

In the mud Runner game you will have to drive your vehicle in off road paths and deliver the goods to the destination. But you will have to be very careful while driving your vehicle because there will be many obstacles in your path in which your vehicle can get stuck. You should know how to control your truck. For example, how you can climb over an obstacle or Dodge these swamps that come in your path. Don't drive your vehicle speedily because you do not know where you will have to take a turn. So always drive the vehicle at a moderate speed. In this game you will also have to take care of the vehicle so that you don't get it damaged.

Different Maps to Choose

In the mud runner, There are almost 10 maps available from which you can use the one you like. In this way you can choose the difficulty level for you because some of the maps have a higher difficulty level and some have a moderate one. So choose the map and choose a vehicle according to it. You can also inspect the conditions of the road by looking at the maps. For example, if the soil is dark it means that the soil will be soft and you will have to drive very carefully to not get stuck in the soil.


As there are many obstacles in your path you are more likely to get stuck in the soil and obstacles. So don't worry if you ever get stuck because you can use the tools that are available in your vehicle to get out of the soil. For example, there is a

winch, which you can hook to any other truck or any part of the environment to get yourself out of the swamps or soil. There will be many other tools available in your vehicle which you can use to overcome obstacles in your path.

Different Vehicles to Drive

There are a variety of vehicles available in the mud Runner game. You can drive your favourite vehicles and deliver your goods to the desired destination. But you will have to unlock the vehicles in order to use them. There are some requirements which you will have to fulfill in order to unlock other vehicles.

Mudrunner MOD APK

Features of the MudRunner MOD APK

Unlocked Gameplay

As we know that there are some requirements to unlock different vehicles in the standard version of the MudRunner game. But in Mud Runner Mod APK, all the vehicles will be provided to you unlocked which means you will not have to wait to complete all the requirements and unlock the vehicles.

Unlimited Fuel

There is one more difficulty that you will face during the game which is that you will run out of fuel while delivering your goods. But in the MudRunner MOD APK, you will be provided with unlimited fuel so that you will not have to worry about running out of fuel.

No Ads

In the MudRunner mod APK there will be no interruptions as all the kinds of Ads have been removed in this version.

Mudrunner MOD APK


Mud runner is a driving simulation game in which you can enjoy the off-road simulations. Feel free to choose any of your favourite maps from the available maps and choose your terrain. Have fun while driving the different vehicles available in the game. This game has been appreciated by its players and has a very good rating at Google Play Store. If you have any queries regarding the MudRunner MOD APK, then feel free to write them in the comment section down below.


Q. Which truck is fastest in Mudrunner?

C-6520 is the fastest truck in the mud runner. It is a 6 x 4 truck.

Q. Does mudrunner contain a multiplayer mode?

Yes there is a multiplayer mode in the MudRunner game in which you will be able to compete with other truck drivers of the game.

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