My Factory Tycoon Mod Apk (unlimited money)

My Factory Tycoon Mod Apk V1.6.0 Unlimited Money And Gems
App Name My Factory Tycoon Mod Apk
Publisher StormX
Genre Simulation
Size 35 MB
Latest Version v1.6.0
MOD Info unlimited money
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Update August 27, 2022

My Factory Tycoon game is a Simulator game in which you have your multiple factories and you keep them growing. You can make your furniture even better than IKEA and cars even better than any automobile manufacturers.

You can make toys, ships even airplanes in your different factories. You’re actually running a group of companies which is manufacturing high value items. It is a fun game and you can upgrade your factories from man power to automation scales.

Initially, you will earn yourself by doing the work and then you can hire workers and foremen for your factories. As the size and items increase, you unlock managerial positions. As you unlock managerial positions you can transform your factories operations to from man work to automations. So now you will have very efficient outcome in revenue as well as products.

My Factory Tycoon MOD APK

What is My Factory Tycoon Apk?

My Factory Tycoon apk is usual download version which you have on playstore. In this simulation game. You can play offline as well as linked with an account in online mode to sync and save your profile.  Your factories may have emergencies as well so keep yourself ready to fight any catastrophe like fire break or labour accidents. You have to make sure that your factories are safe and secure and capable to carry out hard operations.

What is My Factory Tycoon Mod Apk?

My Factory Tycoon mod apk let you unlock heavy factories as well as heavy machinery to increase your product output. You can have more efficiency in revenue and products if you have high tech machinery or skilled labour. You can have both for free without spending any real penny. You can unlock bigger warehouses and locations for factories in which you can install production plant for your any item, be it a toy or ship industry.

Can you play My Factory Tycoon online with friends?

No, it is single player offline game. You can not play online with friends. You can set your own records on leaderboard but you can not play it with friends in multiplayer.

How many factories you can make in My Factory Tycoon?

You can make as many factories as many you want. There is no defined restrictions to make or limit the factory count. You can build multiple at once under the roof of administration of one group of companies.

Can you build robotic machines in product?

Yes, you can build machines as product. You can increase production quality and speed by using boosts and manage the production line by making changes in top level management. More better and qualified managers should be hired.

My Factory Tycoon MOD APK


Ultimate Factories

Factories are the only source of revenue building in this game. You can buy locations for your different kinds of factories. You can manufacture any product of your choice. Be it the candies, furniture or automobile manufacturing. You can even fill in beverages and launch your own soft drink brand competing the masters of the market. It has all marketing strategies which you can use to boost your factory effectiveness.

Upgrade Factories

Factories must have to upgraded in order to earn more and unlock more factory locations and best manufacturing products. If you keep on upgrading, your revenue will be multiplied everything to a specific multiple of factor and you will earn. Moreover, you can transit your factories to automations too which will cut cost of labour force. You can have less labour to monitor machinery and performance.

Hire Managers

As you build up company and factories. You will need managers. Managers help you getting specific work done early because of their professional perk usage. You can hire HR, Production Manager, Safety Manager and other plant managers who will help you growing your business. The more managers you have. The more greater outcome you have. You can get your revenue doubled every time you hire a new manager. Because managers let you do what is good for company.

Manufacture Literally Anything

If you want to manufacture ships, airplanes or whatever you think of. You sure can. Keep on earning in the game and buy new locations. As you unlock more and more locations, you can access to multiple manufacturing options. You can also unlock advance high tech machinery which can be operated manually as well as autonomous. You can build up rockets eventually creating your own mobile SpaceX and you can be next Elon Musk in Factory Tycoon.

My Factory Tycoon MOD APK

Mod Features

Limitless Game Money

Factory Tycoon is all about business. Business is all about money. More money you have. More business you do. In this mod version, you have unlimited money to spend. This money can be used to build new factories and introduce new products. You can start a chain of soft drinks or candies. You can introduce yourself as an automobile manufacturer or a rocket man. It’s your wish because you’re even richer than Mukesh Ambani and Musk. Be next prominent entrepreneur of your virtual world.

Free Managers

Managers always improve the profitability quality and Production line. You have all managers ready for you to serve in companies. You can place them on different positions like production manager, plant manager, floor manager or HR Manager. These managers increase your output efficiency and double your earnings. You can hire labours or foremen too but they will not make any good difference. So hire managers more and earn even more.


My Factory Tycoon is a game in which you can own multiple factories and introduce multiple products in your production line. You can hire labours and increase the staff. You got to give them salaries and also offer best quality in products. It’s a full simulation marketing and management game in which you can learn a lot about production and management skills. It is an educational game which can be helpful to understand how a company and factory works. It’s the best offline game. Keep your factories growing and build on multiple locations to unlock the features and items which you can produce for consumers and customers.

My Factory Tycoon MOD APK


Q. Can you hire or fire manager in My Factory Tycoon mod apk?

You are the boss. You can do whatever you want to with managers. You can hire or fire whenever you want. You can always hire more efficient and productive managers for your factory.

Q. Can you do a walk around in Third Person Perspective in My Factory Tycoon mod apk?

No, you can not do a walk around. It’s more like an arcade game with options. You chose and take decisions for your company and factories.

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