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Pes Mod Apk V6.1.4 Unlimited Money
App Name Pes Mod Apk
Publisher KONAMI
Genre Sports
Size 2.80 GB
Latest Version v6.1.4
MOD Info For Android
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Update August 03, 2022

Everybody in the world is crazy about sports. The most famous sport is football. Everyone in the world loves to play football. There are also many leagues and World Cups of football played between the best teams in the world. There are lots of famous footballers like Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. Everyone is a fan of them. Everyone loves to watch the football league and football world cups. They have a great interest in it.  Most of  the people also play football in the grounds near their homes for their exercise. Because of the craze about football. There are lots of people who are interested in playing football games.

There are many football games available on the app stores. But most of them are not realistic and the graphics are not good. There are also many ads in the apps that make the User experience very bad. Everyone is looking for a game that is similar to real football. So today I am going to tell you about the game called PES. This game will give you the experience of a real football match. The graphics of the game are also very good. There are lots of great players available in this game that you can use. You can unlock the best players by playing the game and completing the missions. The game itself is very interesting and the graphics are very realistic.

What is the PES APK?

PES is a game based on football. As we know there is a lot of craze about football in the world. Everyone is interested in football. People love to play football and they love to watch football on the TV screens. This is also a game made for them in which they can experience realistic graphics and realistic games with their rivals. It is one of the best football games available on the app stores. In this game you can play different leagues to unlock different players.

Who have different skills. You can use them to win the matches. You can also play multiplayer in this game. It means that you can play online with other players to get a tough competition. There is also an event called Master league that takes place in this game. Most people love to play in this League. Where you can beat the others by performing well against your Rivals.

Pes Mod Apk

What is the PES mod APK?

As we know for any team to perform well in their matches against their Rivals the most important thing is their coach. The coach is the person who advises his team. The coach is the one who tells their team the Strategies and the formations they have to perform in a football match to win against their rivals. Just like that in this game you also can hire a best coach for your team to become better and to make your players better. But for hiring the best coach for your team you need a nice amount of money. You will not get so much money by playing the game. You have to play games for a long time to get a healthy amount of money. So for this reason we have provided you with the modified version of this app called PES mod APK. Now this version will provide you unlimited money. You can use this money to buy better players and you can hire the best coach for your team.

How to make the best team in the PES game?

As we know to win against your Rivals you have to form one of the best football teams in the PES. But making the best team in this game is not an easy task to do. You will need a healthy amount of money to create a team. First of all you need the best coach for your team that will advise your team on how they will work in the matches against their rivals. So that they can win every match the coach will train your players and will increase their skills. But for hiring a coach you need money. You can get money by completing different missions and by winning matches against the rivals. You also need the best players in your team. You can get different players in the events and after completing the matches. You can also buy players with the money.

Can we play PES Game offline?

Well there are lots of features available in this game that you can play but most of the features in this game are online. You can play leagues online with the Rivals. You can also play with your friends in multiplayer mode and with other people in the world to get tough competition this will make the game interesting. Well most of the modes in this game are online. There are not many moods available offline. This game is known as an online game. And mostly people prefer playing this game online. You will not get fun by playing this game offline because you can only play practice mode when you are offline.

Pes Mod Apk

Features of the PES mod APK

Realistic graphics

The graphics of c scheme are very good as this game supports the 3D graphics. The graphics of the game will give you a realistic look and that will enhance your gaming experience.


Well there are lots of modes available in this game. But the most important mode in the game is the multiplayer mode in which you can play with others to get tough competition.

You can hire coach

The most important thing to make your team better and the best you need to hire the coach for your team. He will advise your team and he will give the instructions to your team about how their strategy can be against their rivals.

Well optimized

This game is very well optimised. Your phone will not get laggy after installing this game. This feature of this game will give you the best User experience.

Simple controls

The controls of the game are very simple and you will get used to them in a very short time.

Pes Mod Apk

Feature of the PES mod APK

Unlimited money

In the original version of the game you will have limited money and you will get more money after completing the matches and after doing the Missions. But in this modified version of the game you will have unlimited money that you can use on anything you want.

No ads

In the original version there are many annoying ads that pop up to your screen. But in this modified version of the app we have removed all these ads.

All players are unlocked

In the simple version you have to complete missions and have to win matches to get different players. But in this modified version you will have all the players unlocked.

Pes Mod Apk


If you are a person who is interested in football. If You love to watch football and also like to play football games then this game is made for you. You should definitely give this game a try because of its 3D graphics, simple controls and different modes available in this game. The game is one of the best football games available on the app stores. You can play multiplayer with your friends in this game.

Pes Mod Apk



Q. Is PES a free game?

Yes, PES is a free game available on the app stores.

Q. What is the size of the PES game?

The size of the game is 2.7 gbs.

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