PUBG Mobile Lite Mod APK (Mega Menu)

PUBG Mobile Lite Mod APK V2.7.0 Unlimited Money Download
App Name PUBG Mobile Lite Mod APK
Publisher Level Infinite
Genre Action
Size 750 MB
Latest Version v2.7.0
MOD Info Mega Menu
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Update April 12, 2023

Most of the young generation is now into action games for entertainment and other purposes. People like to play Survival action games. The most appreciated among these action games are those in which there is Freeman spirits and action packed with weapons and that's why many of these games are available in the market nowadays. However, pubg is the most known name among these games.
Pubg stands for PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

It is a Battle Royale game that was developed by PUBG studios. In this game, there are more than 100 players that will land on an island with the help of a parachute and will fight with each other with weapons. Players will try to kill each other and the one that survives will win the round.

However, pubg was originally made for desktops but now it has been available on the mobile phones with the name the PUBG Mobile Lite. This version is made to be played on Mobile devices. It can be downloaded on your mobile phone without any restrictions. It is a shooting game and the players have to be skilled to shoot the other players. PUBG mobile light has many awesome features to offer. If you want to know more about these features then you can read this article.

PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK

What is PUBG Mobile Lite APK?

Pubg Mobile Lite is an action survival game in which the players will have to Kill The Other players in order to survive and the one that survives will win the round. Players can play this game individually or even in the dual mode or in a small team of up to four people. In the PUBG Mobile Lite, there will be only 40 players instead of 100 players and this version will be faster than the other versions. However, this version will not take up much space on your mobile phone.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK?

Pubg mobile Lite Mod APK is the modded version of the pubg mobile Lite app. This is a kind of hacked version. In this version, you will be provided with unlimited UC, money and also many weapons to fight with your enemy.

What is the GFX Tool in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Pubg mobile Lite is a game that features a lot of tools that will help you to fight with your enemies skillfully. One of these tools is the GFX tool. This tool is a very unique, simple and Optimizer Game Launcher. This tool will allow the players to customise the graphic settings of the game.

What is WP in PUBG Lite?

WP stands for Winner Pass in PUBG Lite. This pass allows the players to unlock many items by levelling them up. However in order to get these items the players will have to buy them. But with the help of Battle coins, the players can unlock WP that will allow the players to use these items.

PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK

Features of PUBG Mobile Lite

Strategic Gameplay

This game has a very strategic gameplay. It means that you will need survival skills as well as some tactical skills to win the battle . You will have to knock down your enemies while protecting yourself. By killing your enemies you will be able gather loot from them, for example Ammo, First aid boxes, grenades, smokes and much more. You can use your strategic mind in order to kill your enemy. For example, you can hide somewhere and wait for your rival to arrive and attack them.

Intuitive Touch Controls

Pubg mobile Lite has very intuitive touch controls you can easily customise these controls and layout of your controls. For example, if you like to play with two fingers then you can also set your controls according to it. There is also an option for Gayro in PUBG Mobile Lite. With the help of gyro you can improve your accuracy and also make customization to the controls in gameplay.

Customize your Avatar

In PUBG Mobile Lite, you are free to customise your character. You can make changes to your characters according to your liking . For example, you can easily select between genders, you can customise your characters style and look. For example, you can choose the hairstyles as well as the haircolor of your character, you can choose the face features, the body colour and even the outfits. A lot of Amazing outfits are available in the PUBG Mobile Lite that you can buy or unlock with the help of Battle coins.

Armour and Vehicles

In the pubg mobile Lite, there are many awesome armour and vehicles available for you. You can use these weapons to kill your enemies. Every weapon comes with distinctive skills and powers. For example, if you are playing the competitive mode then you can use the Rifles to kill the enemy. Further, you can even use assault Rifles, pistol snipers, machine guns and many other weapons that are available in the game. In this game there are many vehicles available for you to drive. You can drive these vehicles with your team mates and enjoy the gameplay.

Voice Chats and Text Chat

In the PUBG Mobile Lite Mod APK, you can freely navigate with other players with the help of the voice chat and text chats available in the game. If you are playing in the dual mode, then you can give instructions to your partner about how to manage the gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK

Features of PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK

Unlimited UC and Battle Pass

In the pubg mobile Lite Mod APK, you will get the battle pass for free. The battle pass needs to be bought in order to use it. This pass has many benefits, it will give you many rewards throughout the gameplay. You can purchase any outfit or any item with the help of this pass. In this modded version, the players will also get unlimited UC and many other weapons for free. The players can freely open creates and take legendary items from them.

No Recoil

In the modded version of the PUBG mobile Lite, there will be no recoil. You can be the best player in PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK in no time. To kill your enemy you will just have to aim at them and start the fire. In this version, you can also run faster to other locations.

PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK


If you are a fan of the PUBG game then you should definitely try the pubg mobile Lite in order to play it on your mobile phone. Download the PUBG mobile Lite Mod apk now from our website and take advantage of all the unlimited UC, battle passes and other features for free. If you have any further queries regarding the app, then feel free to write them in the comment section down below.


Q. What are the system requirements for PUBG Lite?

Android version more than 4.4 is supported with a memory of 1gb and the screen resolution of 540 x 960 pixels or more.

Q. Does PUBG Lite use less device resources than the original PC version?

Yes, it uses less resources than the PC version. It uses 1gb of ram and 16 MB of storage space while the PC version will take upto 3 GB and 300 MB space.

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