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App Name Rec Room APK
Genre Adventure
Size 1.52 GB
Latest Version v20231130
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update December 09, 2023


Rec Room is a game in which you can create different rooms to play games with your friends. You can create multiple rooms and can invite people to start playing the game. For example, if you are into decorating the house then you can create a decoration room and everyone else will come here and decorate the room according to their taste.

You can create your avatar in this game and add all the different features that you want to add in it. After that, you can also approach other people to make new friends. There is a dorm in this game which is the place where you live.

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Rec Room is a game in which you have to create rooms for different games. After that, you can invite your friends to this room and they can start playing the game with you. You can create multiple rooms in this game and you can also join the rooms as well. To play this game, you first have to develop your character and you also have to create your dorm to invite your friends.

Features of Rec Room APK

Fun gameplay

It is a very fun Gameplay in which you just have to create different rooms and after that, you can send invitations to your friends so that they can join you. This is a multiplayer game and you cannot play it alone.

Create Rooms

You can create amazing rooms in this game and can start playing different games in these rooms. The people who are interested in your gameplay will send you a request and you can accept it and start playing the game with them.

Rec Room APK

Develop your Character

To play this game, you first have to create your avatar. You can develop your character in different ways. For example, you can choose your skin colour, your face features and the outfit as well.

Have your own place

You are going to have your own place where you can organise a party for your friends and you can also have a chat with them.

Decorate your Dorm

You can decorate your place in various ways and it should be presentable because all the meetings and parties will be held here. That's why you have to decorate it in a good manner.

Play various games

You can play different kinds of games on this platform. There are no restrictions over it. It depends upon your thinking how you want to play it and you can create your own rules and regulations that all the other players have to follow.

Chat with people

There are a lot of other players as well and you can easily start having conversations with them, you can send them messages and they can reply to you.

Organise Parties

To have some more fun, you can organise parties at your place and send an invitation code to your friends. You can also send invitations to your online friends to these parties.

Rec Room APK

Free Customization

The Premium version of this game provides you with free customization of your character at any point of the game and you will also be able to customise the different games in this version.

No ads

You will not face any unwanted ads in the premium version of Rec Room game.

Why do people like Rec Room Premium APK?

People like Rec Room Premium APK because in this version there are no restrictions. They can create their Avatar in various ways and can also get free customization features. You can also become a part of the premium parties with the help of this version and there will be no interruptions to disturb you while playing your favourite game.

Download Rec Room Premium APK Latest Version 2024

Rec Room Premium apk allows you to become a part of the premium parties and you can also create multiple rooms with the help of it. But you will only be able to use these features, if you pay the subscription charges for the premium version of this app.

Rec Room APK 2024 Download

If you want to get the latest version of this app then you should download Rec Room APK 2024.

Downloading Rec Room Premium APK

The simple way to download Rec Room Premium APK is to go to your mobile settings to enable download from Unknown sources. After this, you can open this article and click on the download link. Once the download is completed, you can install this app on your device.

Rec Room APK

Final Verdict

This is an amazing game where you can create your own games and apply your own rules and regulations. You will also be able to organise parties. But in order to get rid of restrictions, you can download the premium version of this app.


Q. How do you invite people to your room in the Rec Room APK?

You can send an invitation code to people to invite them to your room.

Q. How do you decorate your dorm in the Rec Room?

You can decorate your dorm with the help of game currency.


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