Scary Teacher Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Scary Teacher Mod Apk V3.2.3 Unlimited Money And Energy
App Name Scary Teacher Mod Apk
Publisher Data Games
Genre Adventure
Size 919 MB
Latest Version v3.2.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update April 26, 2023

There are many simulation games available on the Internet because the demand for these games is becoming very high with every passing day because a lot of users like to play simulation games. The simulation games are of many types and most of them do not have any e action filled gameplay and that is the thing which mostly attracts a lot of people because not everyone is interested in action and thrill.

Scary Teacher Mod Apk is a very hilarious and funny simulation game in which you will be involved in various types of activities as in this game you will be teasing our teacher who has messed up the peace of the students. This game is quite popular and has gained lots of reviews which are also very nice and positive. You can easily get this game from the internet and the original version of this game is absolutely free but the premium version is not free and you have to pay some charges in order to access the premium features of the application.

Scary Teacher Mod Apk has a very awesome interface and an incredible gameplay which you will enjoy a lot and it will never make you feel bored. The application has a lot of features that will increase your engagement level. You can get to know about a few of them from the article which is written below for your convenience.

Scary Teacher Mod Apk

What is Scary Teacher Apk?

Scary Teacher Apk is a very phenomenal online game in which you can have a great deal of enjoyment while going through the very hilarious features of the game that are almost unavailable in any other game. The scary teacher lives in a very horrible house and all you have to do is to enter that scary house and discover various areas of the creepy place. The game will become more interesting when you use your mind and creativity in planning the most funny and naught pranks on the teacher. There are lots of game modes in which you can play. You also have to keep an eye on the guards who will be there to stop you from your way and you will enjoy a lot watching the angry and horrified expressions of the teacher. You can have a great time in this incredible and brilliant graphics game.

What is Scary Teacher Mod Apk?

Scary Teacher Mod Apk is a great game in which you can enjoy limitless energy which you can use in various sections of the game. The Mod version will also provide you with lots of money which you can use to buy various resources and more stuff to apply pranks on the teacher. The Mod will also give you unlimited stars which is another very excellent feature. There will be zero interruptions of advertisements and you can have ample fun in this way.

What is the Scary Teacher name?

The name of Scary Teacher Apk is Nicholas.

Who voiced Scary Teacher Apk?

Scary Teacher Apk has been voiced by Dan Boud.

Can I play Scary Teacher Apk 3D?

Yes, you can play Scary Teacher Apk 3D on your android devices and also on your PCs.

Scary Teacher Mod Apk


Pranking the Evil Woman

In Scary Teacher Mod Apk you have to prank the evil woman who is basically a teacher but has caused a lot of trouble to you and you have to take revenge by pranking her. It will be a very fun and hilarious activity to do and you will certainly get a lot of enjoyment by pranking the evil teacher.

Try Experimenting with New Pranks

In Scary Teacher Mod Apk you have to experiment new pranks so that the game becomes more interesting. You can also get the ideas from the game instructions and can bring your own creativity to make the game more funny. It is all about how you bring your innovations and try on putting different pranks in order to scare the teacher to the core.

Passing Distinctive Levels

In Scary Teacher Mod Apk you have to pass many distinctive levels in which you will be facing different sets of challenges. Each level is different from the other and the difficulty level is also variable. So you have to pass one level in order to get progress to the other levels. This will be a great game for you and it will challenge you at every other moment.

Very Simple and Amazing Controls

In Scary Teacher Mod Apk you will find very simple and amazing controls that will be very easy to handle. You do not need to worry about any complex controls that make it difficult to manage but instead these controls are very interactive and you can easily play the game.

Best for Kids of All Ages

Scary Teacher Mod Apk is a very interesting game which can be played for children of any age and also adults can play this game. The interface of the application is designed in such a way that it is well suitable for people of all ages and everyone can have fun while playing this game.

Very Addictive Game

Scary Teacher Mod Apk is a very addictive game and once you start playing it will be very hard to stop because you will start getting lots of enjoyment while doing pranks on the teacher.

Mysterious Rooms with Variety

In Scary Teacher Mod Apk there are lots of mysterious rooms which you will discover in the house and each mysterious room has a variety of elements that you will be finding as you continue to play the game.

Open House Game to Enjoy

Scary Teacher Mod Apk is an open House game in which you will have a lot of room and you can play anywhere. The application has wide locations which will enable you to go anywhere and not to stick at a certain place.

Lots of Gaming Modes

In Scary Teacher Mod Apk there are a variety of gaming modes and all the modes are differentiated by the level of challenges and difficulties. So you have to develop your skills if you want to progress to the other levels.

Play Online or Offline

In Scary Teacher Mod Apk there is a great option that you can play in both online and offline mode so this is the game that you can keep in your Android device and then you can play it whenever and anywhere you want. Regardless of the fact that you are having an internet connection or not.

Scary Teacher Mod Apk

Mod Features

Limitless Energy

You will be given surplus energy to use in game while you play in the Mod version.

Lots of Money

The mod will give you lots of money so that you can buy lots of incredible stuff.

No Need to Watch Any Ads

You do not need to watch any advertisements at all in the mod version. The mod will restrict the ads.

Scary Teacher Mod Apk


So, Scary Teacher Mod Apk is a very remarkable and highly engaging game in which you will be having great deal of interest as you will be pranking a very evil teacher and it will become a very awesome experience of doing all the mysterious acts. So, download this game and bring your smartness to the game.


Q. Is Scary Teacher Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, Scary Teacher Mod Apk is free to download.

Q. Is Scary Teacher Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes, Scary Teacher Mod Apk is safe to download.

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