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MOD Info Weak/Frozen Enemy
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Update March 25, 2021
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There is no one in these worlds that have not played any game in his or her life. Nowadays to kill the boredom people prefer to play a game that excites them and the thrill makes them forget about all the stress from work or what so ever.

Shadow Fight is a type of such games that would make you feel the real adventure. It was developed by Nekki the first part of this trilogy was introduced by the platform of Facebook in 2014. It was previously an online game played on Facebook but later it developed to be a game being played on android operated mobile phones and also on computers. Each part is based upon a storyline according to which all the actions in the game take place.



Shadow fight has 3 parts namely:

Shadow Fight

Shadow fight 2

Shadow fight 3


Shadow Fight is the third one from the series of shadow fight. It is a predecessor of Shadow Fight 2. Shadow Fight 3 was brought on the rampage in Canada on 17th July in 2017 and was released worldwide on 16th November the same year. Shadow Fight 3 is different from the previous parts of the series.


Every sequel of this series is based upon an excitement yet intriguing story-line. The story-line of Shadow Fight 3 is that the player will be acting as a fictional character in the game and he would find himself into a land that is on the verge of warA long time after Shadow Fight 2 the story has begun again in the way that people have become used to of Shadow Energy and thinks of it as something having positive benefits. However, some people like the Legions want to attack the Dynasty territory because are afraid of the Shadow Threat. Apart from the conflict between the two a third party known as the Heralds is also prepared to come to the battlefield. Dynasty territory has this perception Shadow Energy id used positively can give positive outcomes in terms of saving humanity, however, the Herald territory knows more about Shadow Energy. The player acts as a newly introduce hero who would decide which territory he should be a part of and which way he wants the outcome of the war to be. The player is introduced to the three schools name Legion, Herald and Dynasty in the first 3 chapters to give the player a chance to discover the three of them and to make a smart choice, in the end, to proceed with the game.

Features Of Shadow Fight 3:

  1. Unlike the previous parts, Shadow Fight 3 has 3-dimensional characters that are more realistic and powerful rather than only the shadows as there were in the previous sequels.
  2. Shadow Fight 3 is an RPG which is an abbreviation of Role-Playing games because the player acts as a fictional character of the game.
  3. Shadow Fight 3 provides the player with the chance to customize the character by making a personal avatar and choosing the appearance as per his or her own choice. The player can choose the facial feature, clothes and also accessories, etc.
  4. The character will acquire new skills, energy and fighting modes as the game proceeds.
  5. Shadow Fight 3 has featured realistic and accurate fighting moves.
  6. The game provides the player the opportunity to change the fighting style by using Perks and Special moves.
  7. Another interesting feature of Shadow Fight 3 is that the player can pick any weapon, helm, etc. that he wants his character to use.
  8. Every equipment other than that of in common variety has its unique specifications regarding Shadow ability.
  9. Shadow Fight 3 is cost-free which is another advantage it provides its players with.
  10. Shadow Fight 3 can be played offline but to purchase anything or for certain quests, an internet connection would be required.
  11. Colorful graphics and smooth animations add to the beauty of this game which attracts the player.
  12. Shadow Fight 3 provides its players with a chance to collect a large number of gears and weapons.
  13. The involvement of amusing fighting strategies makes it more adventurous and unique.
  14. With its feature of involving three factions, the player gets a large number of weapons, fighting style and martial art techniques with each faction he sides with.


The mod apk version for Shadow Fight 3 is 1.20.1 that is compatible with Android 2.3. There is the following update that has been made in this version to improve the quality of the game:

  1. Fixing bugs
  2. Including new fighting styles and tactics
  3. Difficult yet challenging situations and fight modes.
  4. New and unexpected storyline to make the game more challenging.
  5. Improvement of in-game performance.
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