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Update August 01, 2022

You must have heard about different battles that were fought in history in order to capture A vast area of land. In our history people used to fight with each other in order to rule the biggest area, the greater the area you have the more powerful your rule will be. However these are the things of the past now. Such wars do not occur as the greed for having most of the lands is now decreasing.  But people still play many such games in which they have to conquer lands with different strategies. One of such games is

This game was developed by Azur games. In this game you will have to conquer most of the lands in order to win. There will be a variety of coloured patches on your screen and the white patches will represent the neutral lands. You will easily be able to win these lands by sending more than the required troops. You will have to conquer lands in this game and you will also have to provide troops to these lands so that nobody else will be able to capture them. If you ever get stuck in a difficult situation then you can also summon these troops from different areas and attack that particular area to get hold of it. In this game different colour patches represent different kinds of plants and all these lands will have different requirements to conquer them.

If you are interested in this game then you can get to know more about this game with the help of the article. Mod Apk

What is the game? is a strategy game in which you will have to use your mind in order to get more land. You will have to conquer different lands which are available in the form of patches on your screen. To capture these lands you will have to send troops to these areas and use your strategic mind to conquer them. You will also be able to fight with your opponent before reaching the different lands so that you will become the only one to reach there and easily capture the land.

What is the MOD APK?

In the  standard version of you will have to spend a lot of money in order to get the troops for yourself. To remove this restriction we have modified the standard version of this game and provided you with the modified version. This modified version is called Mod APK. In this modified version you will be able to get unlimited money and you will also get a lot of rewards during your journey so that you will be able to conquer most of the land.

What kind of a game is is a battle game in which you will be able to play with your friend as well. It is a one on one Battle game, if your friend is not available then you can also play this game with the AI system. In this game you will have to apply strategies in order to get the most of the land. You will have to send troops to different areas in order to conquer, then you will also have to conquer the lands of your enemy so that you become the most powerful one.

How can I win the game?

There are many ways in which you can win the game. For example you will have to regularly update your units and production speed. However there will be a total of 3 stats which can be upgraded but you will first have to upgrade your units. The second trick is that you should never miss your chance to attack and you should always keep an eye on your opponent and how many territories he has conquered and you should also be watching his moves so that you can stop him from conquering new lands. Mod Apk

Features of the game

Capture the world

In the game you will have to play in such a way so that you become the ruler of the world. In this game a world map will appear on your screen and it will contain patches of different colours. At the start of the game you will have to conquer the white patches. These white patches represent the neutral lands which means that there are no territories there and you will easily be able to capture them by sending more soldiers than required. In this way the neutral spots will belong to you.

Fight the battles

In this game not all the lands are in the form of white patches because there are many lands which are captured by your Rival and you will have to get these regions from them in order to become the true ruler. The patches that will be available on your screen will also contain a number and these numbers will represent the number of troops that you and your rival have on that place. So in order to get a place in your territory you will have to send more troops so that you will easily be able to defeat your opponent. If you ever get short of soldiers then you can also summon the troops from different regions and place them on one region to conquer it.

Upgrade your troops

In this game you will also have to regularly upgrade your soldiers so that you contain more troops then your rivals. In this way you will be able to capture more lands and defeat your opponent quickly. The more soldiers you have the more territories will be in your custody. 

Levels with different features

This game also contains a variety of different levels and there are different maps in each level. All of these maps have different features and you will have to complete the requirements in order to win the patches on these maps.

Features of the MOD APK

Unlimited gold

In the you will need gold to upgrade your soldiers and you will have to earn this gold by winning different matches. However, getting the required amount of gold is not very easy. That's why in the modified version of this game we have provided you with unlimited gold so that you can upgrade your soldiers whenever you want. In this way you will be able to conquer more land and become the winner of the game. Mod Apk

Conclusion is an amazing game in which you will have to capture as much land as you can so that you become the winner in this game. You will have to fight the one on one battles with your opponent in order to capture their land. You will also have to upgrade your soldiers to become more powerful. If you want to play this game without any restrictions then you can download mode apk from our website and enjoy free gold.


Q. Can I play with my friends?

Yes, it is a multiplayer game and you can play it with your friends.

Q. Does require internet connection?

Yes, you will need an internet connection to play this game.

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