Tiles Hop Mod Apk (Unlimited Money )

Tiles Hop Mod Apk 5.5.3 Vip Unlocked Latest Version 2023
App Name Tiles Hop Mod Apk
Genre Music
Size 119 MB
Latest Version v5.5.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update July 08, 2023


A lot of people find the games very annoying when there is bad background and music and it becomes very inconvenient for them to play the game even though the gameplay is quite nice but still the audio visuals are so knowing that people do not feel like playing the game.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk is such an awesome game in which you can effectively play the game and enjoy playing your favorite music along with using your preferred background picture. Tiles Hop Mod Apk has become very famous lately because people are getting full customisation options and they can enjoy their favorite music along with a perfect background.

You can get Tiles Hop Mod Apk from Google Google Play because it is a very famous game and a lot of people are already playing it and also have given very awesome and outstanding reviews. Tiles Hop Mod Apk has so many amazing features that will certainly make you fully impressed with the game. So if you are also looking for such a game which can help you in getting full customisation then you should definitely Tiles Hop Mod Apk.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk

What is Tiles Hop Apk?

Tiles Hop Apk is a typically new idea because a lot of people get annoyed with the strange music and sound of the games so here you are having the freedom to choose your own background music. You can do your ball's customization and it will help you in making the game more colorful and you will get greater satisfaction. The game saves the progress or the score that the player has made and then the player can resume from where he has left.This is the only game which is providing this much customisation and if you like to do such customisations then you will definitely love Tiles Hop Apk

What is Tiles Hop Mod Apk?

Tiles Hop Mod Apk will provide you infinite money which will never end and also you can get limitless gold coins which will be enough to make your gameplay awesome and amazing. you can use the money and the coins and can do a lot of customisation and upgradation in the game.

Can I play Tiles Hop Mod Apk with friends?

Yes, you can play Tiles Hop Mod Apk with your friends.

Is Tiles Hop Mod Apk offline?

Yes, you can play Tiles Hop Mod Apk in offline mode.

Can I upload any song in Tiles Hop Mod Apk?

Yes, you can upload any song in Tiles Hop Mod Apk.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk


Lots of Songs to Pick and Enjoy

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk you can pick a lot of songs and can enjoy your songs while also playing games. The best part of the game is that you do not need to listen to the audio facts of the game but instead you can play your favorite songs behind the game play so that you can enjoy your games at the fullest possible level.

Play the Game While Listening to Your Uploaded Favorite Songs

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk you can also play your game while listening to the song that you have uploaded. You have to upload your songs which you want and you can do that from your gallery and can also use the stock music which is available in the application and then you can keep playing the game which is so exciting as you will be skipping the tiles and tapping upon them while getting the rhythms of music going on along so it will be an absolutely stunning experience.

Simple and Easy Control's

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk you can enjoy the very simple and easy controls because this game is having super sensitive and simple controls in which you do not need to have any mastery. You can use this game with a very little knowledge of Technology because all you need to do is to make use of that technology and upload your songs and play the outstanding game play where you will be jumping on the tiles and having a wonderful game play.

Add Immersive and Interesting Backgrounds to Game

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk you can also add interesting and immersive backgrounds to the game which means that not only you can customize the audio of the game but you can also customize the graphics and imagery of the game. You can add your favorite pictures behind the game so that whenever you play you get to see what you want to see and there are no forced graphics and audios for you.

Customize Your Balls

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk you can customize your balls quite conveniently. You can choose the color, shape and sizes of the ball and then you can make your game totally according to you.

Hold Competitions with Your Friends

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk you can also hold competition with your friends you can bring your friends and can hold competition of who scapes the tiles the most and who hops at the tiles you can complete on the best scores and then you can have great celebrations this is a great game where you can share fun filled moments full of excitement and thrill with your friends and also you can have combined games with your relatives or other companions

Play with Online Players

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk you can also play with the online players that are available on the internet. In this way you can compete with one of the most compatible and finest players that are on the internet and also playing the same game. In this way you can challenge your skills and can have great and exciting healthy competitions which will also increase your interest in the game and make you have a great time ahead.

Saved In Game Progress

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk you can also save the progress of yourself in the game and there will be no inconvenience to you because you will not worry about getting your progress lost. If you have to leave the game in between then you can conveniently do that without worrying about getting your progress lost.

Levels and Themes

In Tiles Hop Mod Apk there are so many levels which you can play and it depends upon how fastly you win the game and each level so that you may get promoted to the other level where you can explore greater dimensions and more challenges that will keep on engaging you. There are also lots of themes in which you can have a lot of fun.

Mod Features

Infinite and Never Ending Money

The money will never end and you can get infinite money which will be enough for you so that you can get lots of items in the game for free.

Zero In Game Ads

There will be zero advertisements in the game and you can play your game without closing the advertisement repeatedly.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk


So, Tiles Hop Mod Apk is an excellent game where you can have lots of fun while hopping from one tile to another and also listening to your favorite music while having your favorite picture in the background. You can customize the game the way you want and can have much fun in the game.



Q. Is Tiles Hop Mod Apk free to play?

Yes, Tiles Hop Mod Apk is absolutely free to play.

Q. Can I download Tiles Hop Mod Apk on my android smartphone?

Yes, you can download Tiles Hop Mod Apk on your android smartphone.


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