Traffic Rider APK (Unlimited Money)

Traffic Rider Apk V1.99b 2024 Download
App Name Traffic Rider APK
Publisher Soner Kara
Genre Racing
Size 159.4 MB
Latest Version v1.99b
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 23, 2024

If you like to play challenging games then there is a game called Traffic Rider that provides you with a lot of challenges. In this game, you have to drive a bike on the road and you have the authority to choose among the different varieties of bikes. You can get the one that you think will help you to overcome all the challenges in your way.

There are going to be a lot of challenges and you have to overcome all of them to become the winner. To increase your speed, you have to upgrade your level and you can do this with the help of money.


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Traffic Rider is a racing simulation game in which you have to ride your bike in different locations. There are going to be so many different tracks where you are going to face a lot of challenges. But you have to overcome all these obstacles to become the winner of this game. There are a variety of bikes in this game and you can choose the one depending upon their abilities.

Features of Traffic Rider APK

Intuitive Touch Controls

This game contains intuitive touch controls which means you can easily swipe on your screen to move your bike in different directions and you can also increase the speed or decrease it with the help of the touch controls.

3D Graphics

You are going to see some exceptional 3D graphics in this game. There are going to be so many different places where you have to ride your bike.

Variety of Bikes

There are a lot of different bikes available in this game and all of these bikes have some different abilities and controls. So if you are new to this game, then you should start with the simplest bike.

Amazing Levels

There are so many different levels available in this game and you are going to see some new challenges in each of the levels. Moreover, the difficulty will also increase with the increase in level.

Different Roads

There are so many different tracks in this game and in these tracks, you are going to see some obstacles. You have to avoid these obstacles in order to reach the finish line.

Overcome Challenges

If you want to increase your rank and want to get different kinds of bikes then you should participate in the challenges. By completing these challenges, you can get a level up and some rewards as well.

Upgrade your Skills

In this game, you can upgrade your level. It will help you a lot to overcome the different challenges because it will help you to increase your speed.

Multiplayer mode available

If you do not like to play this game solo then you can also go for the multiplayer mode in which you can compete with other Riders. You have to defeat them in the races to get some amazing rewards.

Get any bike

If you get the pro version of the Traffic Rider game then you get any of your favourite bikes without a need to unlock them.

No Restrictions

There are some restrictions in this game and to remove them, you can either win the challenges or pay the charges to get the pro version of this app.


Why do people like Traffic Rider Pro APK?

People are a fan of the Traffic Rider Pro APK because it helps them to remove all the restrictions from this game. In the regular version, people have to go through a lot of challenges to unlock their favourite bike. But in this version, they do not have to do any effort.

Download Traffic Rider Pro APK Latest Version 2024

In the pro version of the Traffic Rider game, you are going to have a game that is free from restrictions. You can get any of your favourite bikes and go to any location that you want. But to get all these things, you have to pay the charges for the pro version.

Traffic Rider APK 2024 Download

There are some new features included in the Traffic Rider game and to get them, you can download Traffic Rider APK 2024 .

Downloading Traffic Rider Pro APK

In order to get Traffic Rider Pro APK on your Android device, you can simply follow these instructions. First of all, click on the download link and then tap on the download option. After the completion of download, you can install this app on your device.


Final Verdict

Traffic Rider is a very interesting game in which you are going to see new tracks in each of the levels. But in order to remove the restrictions, you can simply get the pro version of this game.



Q. What is the size of a Traffic Rider APK?

The size of the Traffic Rider APK is 126 MB.


Q. How can I unlock the new bikes in Traffic Rider?

To unlock the new bikes, you have to win the challenges.

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