West Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Money)

West Game Mod Apk 4.5.0 Latest Version Download
App Name West Game Mod Apk
Genre Strategy
Size 163 MB
Latest Version v4.5.0
MOD Info Unlimited Gold/Money
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Update August 03, 2022

There are a lot of people who are absolute fans of strategy games and this is because these teams need energy and also those people who can play these games adequately who are sharp minds and who do not mind brainstorming for playing games. The strategy games are very engaging and have a very intriguing interface usually which captivates the users.

West Game Mod Apk is a wonderful and exciting strategy game in which you will find lots of missions and challenges that will keep on testing your patience and struggle all the way through the game. You have to stay very vigilant because a single wrong move can be very dangerous for you and you have to play the game very carefully. The game has thousands of brilliant and outstanding reviews and it has also been downloaded by millions of people belonging from different regions of the world. You can play this astounding game on your Android smartphone and also on your Android tablets.

West Game Mod Apk has lots of exciting features that will make you absolutely interested in this game and you will also get impressed with the overall gameplay. If you like to play strategy games then you should definitely try this game at least once.

West Game Mod APK

What is West Game Apk?

In West Game Apk you have to use your heroes that are there in order to help you out to defeat these gangs. You have to save your innocent people because these bad forces can kill them and give them a lot of torture. You can also create many recreational areas and along with that you can enjoy making many amusement parks. The whole town will be decorated by you and you can customize it any way you want. You can properly play the game when you have upgraded your weapons and made them much more powerful.

What is West Game Mod Apk?

West Game Mod Apk will provide you limitless gold so that you can use this gold for upgrading your heroes and also for buying a lot of weapons that will help you in defeating the opponents and enemies. You can use the gold for various purposes and it will help you out of the game.

Can I use rifles in the West Game Mod Apk?

Yes, you can use many rifles in West Game Mod Apk.

Can I chat with my friends in West Game Mod Apk?

Yes, you can chat and communicate with your friends in West Game Mod Apk.

Can I play West Game Mod Apk on PC?

Yes, you can play West Game Mod Apk on PC.

West Game Mod APK


Fight with Gangs and Have Fun by Using Different Heroes

In West Game Mod Apk you have to fight with many gangs and you have to get in the best battle so that all of these gangs get eradicated from your town. Every hero is different from the other and you can use their qualities and characteristics so that they can easily get defeated. You have to make sure that all these heroes aur capable enough of fighting with the strongest Enemies that are the members of the gangs. They are so powerful that they can destroy you in one go but you also have to increase your power and energies.

Build a Complete Town by Making Tall Buildings

In West Game Mod Apk you have to build a full new town because in this game you will be getting an opportunity to construct a town for the people so that they can peacefully live over there. You can construct all buildings by using the building material that you have to purchase on your own. You also have to construct various monuments and houses or dead people can enjoy living in the town.

Kill Bad People and Free Your Land from Them

In West Game Mod Apk you have to kill the bad people who have come from far off land and want to capture your whole land. But you have to stay very vigilant from them and save your land from all the foreign invasion. So you have to kill all of them so that your land may get free from all these Evil forces and it becomes a center of peace once again. You have to adequately use all the powers and make sure that the land becomes happily ever after.

Use Different Weapons to Kill Lots of People

In West Game Mod Apk you have to use various weapons that will help you in killing all these bad people you can use various rifles, shotguns, bombs, guns and many other weapons. So that Evil forces get wiped out easily. You can also upgrade your weapons because when you upgrade all your weapons then you can better defeat the enemy as with more precise weapons you can shoot the enemy in one go and all your efforts will get saved.

Chat with Your Friends and Have Fun

In West Game Mod Apk you can also chat with your friends and can have much fun because in this game you will be allowed to do chatting with your friends as you will be having a complete chat box. You can communicate with your buddies and can discuss the game and can make better decisions. You can also get consultation from your friends about making a certain strategy and then you can execute it in the game with much perfection.

Battle and Build Your Army

In West Game Mod Apk you can battle with your opponents by first building up your Army. You will be having so many characters and a lot of Heroes which you can choose to become a part of your enemy. You have to take a full army on the battlefield and then you have to compete with the evil forces over there. It will be a very challenging and breathtaking experience because you have to fight with the most difficult enemies and you have to build your army in the following way.

Wonderful and High Quality Graphics

In West Game Mod Apk you will get to see many wonderful and high quality graphics that will increase the worth of your gameplay. You will enjoy the overall scenery and it will be such an attractive and amusing gameplay for you. The graphics will increase the level of your game and you will get so addicted that you will like to play the game again and again.

West Game Mod APK

Mod Features

Limitless Money and Gold

You will get limitless money and gold in this popular and exciting game but when you use the modified version you will get all the money and gold for free and there is nothing to pay for it.

All Paid Features

All the paid features will get free for you because now you are using the modified version so there is nothing to pay for and you can enjoy everything for free.

West Game Mod APK


West Game Mod Apk is a very beautiful and exciting game where you will find aesthetic scenes along with heavy fights. You will enjoy a lot while playing this game because you will not only just be fighting but instead you will also be training your Army so that they can perform better on the battlefield.


Q. saàIs West Game Mod Apk free to play?

Yes, West Game Mod Apk is absolutely free to play.

Q. Can I download West Game Mod Apk on my android tablet?

Yes, you can download West Game Mod Apk on your android tablet.

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