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App Name West Game
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MOD Info Unlimited Gold/Money
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Update July 12, 2023


We all know how wild and brutal the west was. Surviving in this time is very difficult because there are no laws. In 1865 after the civil war people started to move towards the West. People in that time do anything to survive; they rob, steal and fight because there are no laws and rules. This is the beginning of the wild era of the West. 
There is no government and people are as wild as they can. To experience this all and to make yourself prepare for the time like that. Lexiang developed a game called west game. This game is completely developed and produced to experience the wildness of the West after the civil war. This game will give you a full feeling of yourself in the west. Where you have to create your town with scratches. 
You have to build your army for the fight and you have to become as wild as you can to save your town. You have to build a town where there are no rules and government and you can do whatever you want. You can buy weapons and armors to protect yourself and the town.
West Game Mod APK

What is the West Game APK?

West game is a game which is completely developed on the wildness of the West after the civil war. You have to build your town with scratches in the game. There are no laws and rules in your town in the game. You can do whatever you want. But there are many other armies ready to attack your town. And to protect your town you have to build a large army. It is not easy to build a large army in the game. You need great soldiers for your town. You can also buy cowboys and different heroes which can help you in the wars and glory. You can join alliances and can fight online in the game. 

What is the West Game Mod APK?

Well West mod apk is the modified version of the game. To build your town in the game you need money. And in the original version it takes a lot of time to get a healthy amount of money. You have to build a massive army to defend yourself against the invaders and the gangs. You need powerful cowboys and superheroes to make your army even stronger. 
This will help you to fight against powerful enemies. But for all of this you need a healthy amount of money. And in the original version it is not easy because it is a time taking process. So to make this all easy for you we provide you this modded version in which you can get unlimited amounts of money and gold.
West Game Mod APK

What is the reason to give android app permission to the west mod APK?

Well if you are downloading any app from the Google play store it needs your permission to get various access from your mobile phone. The most common is storage and network connectivity which is very important because without these access you can't download the app. 
Apps mostly need storage access to save its data. Just like that when you download an APK from the website you download it from an unknown source. And google provides you the authority to give permission to the unknown resources to install them. Your permission grants APK the access it needs to run on your device.

Can we play west game on low end devices

Well most of the games are not well optimised for the low end devices. And it is a big reason that the low end devices users don't play games. But in this game developers make sure that this game can be played easily on low end devices. Developers have optimised the game very well. They gave their full focus on the optimization of the game. They are working very hard on their game and trying to make it better with the updates. It is not easy to optimise a game so well. But we have to give a point to the developers of the west game as they make it happen.
West Game Mod APK


You can build your town 

In the West game you can build your own town with scratches. To build your town you need money and gold. You can earn them by playing  and
by completing missions. This will help you to upgrade your town and to make more resources.

You can build your army

One of the most important things in the game is to build a strong, massive army. This massive army protects you from the invaders and the gangs. This army will protect your town from enemies. Building a strong army will grant you many benefits and an upper hand against the enemies. You can win fights easily with a massive and powerful army and you can upgrade your town easily.

Weapons and equipments

Weapons and equipment are very important in this game. It will help your army to become stronger and fearful. If your army has the best weapons and equipment you can easily beat your enemies. But for buying better weapons and the equipment you need more cash and gold. To get more money you need to play for a long time and have to complete daily missions.

You can join alliances 

To make the game interesting and enjoyable there are lots of features added in the game. You can join alliances that will help you in your fights against the enemies and make you even stronger.

You can buy heroes

You can buy heroes in the game which are very powerful. You can use these heroes in wars and fights. They can fight for your glory and make your army even stronger.You need money and gold to buy these heroes.

Mod Features 

Unlimited money and gold

In the modded version of the west game you have unlimited money and gold. Most important thing in the game is the money and the gold. You need these resources to buy everything from the shop. You can build your massive army very easily with the help of these. You can buy heroes to make your army stronger. You can buy better weapons and equipment with this. You can get everything in the game you want with these resources.


West game is a game developed on the history of the west. After the civil war many people moved towards the west. This is the start of the wildess era of the west. So if you want to experience the same you can play this game. Where you can build your town. You can build your massive army to protect yourself from the invaders, gangs and the enemies. You can buy better weapons and equipment with money and gold to make your army strong. You can join alliances and can battle online. You can buy heroes for your army.

West Game Mod APK


Q. Is the West game mod apk free?

Yes, west game mod apk is free for everyone.

Q. Can the coins be exchangeable with other items in the West Game?

Yes, you can exchange your coins for the other items you want like gems.


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