Wildcraft Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Wildcraft Mod Apk V25.1_powervr Unlimited Money And Gems
App Name Wildcraft Mod Apk
Publisher Turbo Rocket Games
Genre Simulation
Size 16.02 MB
Latest Version v25.1_powervr
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update January 24, 2023

It is a simulation game in which you will play as an animal. This is a game that will let you know about the hardships an animal has to go through while living in the Jungle. You will start off from a young age. For example, if you are playing as the Lion then you will start off as a lion cub and then you will face all the troubles that they have to face in the jungle.

You have to look for food and some random animals will also try to attack you. You have to attack them to protect yourself and you also have to raise your family. You can also get a lot of rewards in this game.

Wildcraft MOD APK

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This is a very interesting game. In this game, you will live the life of a wild animal. You will be able to know about the hardships that they have to go through. You can select any wild animal to play this game. For example, you can play as a fox or any other animal and you can start your own family and Attack all the predators.

Features of Wildcraft APK

3D Graphics

This game contains realistic 3D graphics in which you will be able to see a lot of other animals. The environment of this game is quite lonesome. You will be in a forest where there is no food.

Play as Animals

You have to play as a wild animal in this game and you have to start your life from a very young age. For example, if you want to play as a dog and you will start off as a puppy.

Choose your Character

You can choose any kind of animal in this game. It depends upon you whether you want to play as a lion, a fox , a dog or a big cat. You can also play as herbivores like The deer.

Attack on predators

There are a lot of predators in the forest and you have to avoid their attacks. You can use different strategies to avoid them. For example, you can hide in different places.

Look For food

You have to find your own food. There is no one who will provide you with food. That's why you have to roam in the Jungle to find anything to eat and if you are playing as a big animal like a lion then you have to attack different animals to get food.

Enhance your skills

As you progress in this game you will be able to enhance your skills. For example, you can enhance your attacking skills and the eating skills as well.

Raise your family

Like all the other animals, you also have to raise your family. For this purpose, you have to find your mate and start your own family in the jungle

Look for Shelters

Everyone needs a place to survive and that's why you also have to look for shelter. You can also create your own shelter in this game by digging.

Manage Stats

In this game, you have some stats which are hunger, thirst and energy. You have to keep a check on these stats in order to keep going.

No Restrictions

In order to get rid of all the restrictions, you can get the modified version of Wildcraft on your device.

Wildcraft MOD APK

Why do people like Wildcraft MOD APK?

People like Wildcraft Mod APK because in this version they will not face any kind of restrictions. They can select any premium animal and they can also get all the stats fulfilled without doing anything. You can also Dodge The Attacks of animals in this version.

Download Wildcraft MOD APK Latest Version 2023

Wildcraft Mod APK is very beneficial because you can play as any of your favourite animals without getting the premium version. You will also be able to get unlimited food in this version and there will be no ads to disturb you.

Wildcraft APK 2023 Download

If you want to have access to the new environment them you should download Wildcraft APK 2023.

Downloading Wildcraft MOD APK

In order to download Wildcraft Mod APK, you can find a download link in this article and you have to tap on this link to start the downloading process. When the download will complete, you can install this game on your device.

Final Verdict

This game will let you know about the hardships that an animal has to go through and you will also be able to know about their eating habits. In order to get some extra advantages, you can download the modified version of this game.

Wildcraft MOD APK


Q. How do you eat in Wildcraft?

Whenever you will find anything to eat, you will see an eat button and you have to click on it to eat.

Q. Where do you see the stats in Wildcraft?

You have to click on the menu to see the stats.

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