Wrecked APK (Unlimited Money)

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App Name Wrecked APK
Publisher MDickie
Genre Adventure
Size 39 MB
Latest Version v1.160.64
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update February 14, 2023


Wrecked is a game in which you have to survive on an abandoned Island. In this game, you are free to customise your character and change its appearance however you like. You can select a particular body type and accessories to modify your character. This game contains a huge map in which you can roam and collect different resources that will help you to craft different items.

You will also receive instructions that will help you to create boats and different useful items. You can also interact with other characters and share your thoughts in dialogue delivery. You have to fight with the Deadly animals and for this purpose, you have to create weapons. There is also a multiplayer mode available in this game.

Wrecked APK

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It is a survival game where you have to survive on an abandoned Island. This game contains a map that will let you know about the resources. You can collect these resources and craft different items. You can even create a Boat so that you can travel to other islands and get food. There is also an option to interact with other players and you can even exchange dialogues with them. There is also an option to modify your characters with different accessories.

Features of Wrecked APK

Easy to play

This game is very easy to play. You will get to see some controls on your screen. To collect different items, you have to click on the Blue button and you can even get instructions to create different items.

Collect Items

In this game, you have to move into different places so that you can collect items that will help you to craft different things. You can explore the map to collect resources and food. You can also travel to other islands to collect useful items.

Craft Items

This game will allow you to craft various items that will help you to do the tasks. For example, you can create a boat and use it to travel to different islands, in this way you can get a lot of resources.

Modify your Characters

You are free to choose your favourite character in this game and it will also let you know about the stats of your character. You can even buy new outfits for your character and there are a lot of accessories that will help you to change their appearance.

Fight with different Creatures

This is an abandoned Island. That's why there are a lot of dangerous creatures roaming around. They can attack you at any time and that's why you need to craft weapons that will help you to fight with these creatures.

A whole map to explore

At the start of the game, you will get a map of the island. It will let you know about the places where you can collect resources and you can go to locations and find other characters as well.

Collect Food

The main stat of your character is hunger. To keep your character alive, you need to get food. You can roam the island to collect items that you can cook and eat to fulfil your hunger.

Multiplayer mode

This game also contains the multiplayer mode in which you can interact with other characters of this game. You can share your thoughts with them and can also help them to craft items.

Unlimited Food

In order to get unlimited food in this game you can download the pro version of this game.

Unlocked Maps

In the pro version, you will not have to unlock any location on the map as the map is completely unlocked and you can move wherever you want.

Wrecked APK

Why do people like Wrecked Pro APK?

People like Wrecked Pro APK because in this version, they do not have to struggle to look for food as they will get unlimited food in this version. They will also be able to visit any location on the map as the map is completely unlocked.

Download Wrecked Pro APK Latest Version 2023

In the pro version of this game, you will get a lot of advantages. You can easily fulfil your hunger as you will receive unlimited food and the characters are also unlocked. But in order to get these advantages, you have to pay subscription charges.

Wrecked APK 2023 Download

By downloading Wrecked APK 2023, you will get the latest version of this game.

Wrecked APK

Final Verdict

If you like to play survival games then this game is a must try because this game allows you to travel to other islands as well. In order to get the advanced features of this game, you can download Wrecked Pro APK.


Q. How do you get food in Wrecked APK?

You can move into different places to look for food.

Q. How can I craft things in Wrecked APK?

You will receive instructions to craft different items in this game.


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